Capsules FAQs


General Queries

What capsules do you have in your range?
We currently have 3 capsules in our range; Gold Colombia Style (extra strong coffee), Italian Espresso Style (strong coffee) and Royal Special (light coffee).

Where can I buy your capsules from?
The House of Robert Timms® capsules can be bought from Coles and our online store.

How much do your capsules cost?
The House of Robert Timms® capsules are currently on special for $5.00 for a pack of 10 capsules (0.50 cents/per capsule).

What do I get with a carton of The House of Robert Timms® capsules?
Each carton contains 6 boxes of The House of Robert Timms® capsule coffee (i.e. with 10 capsules per box).

What kind of coffee is inside your capsules?
All The House of Robert Timms® capsules are made with 100% roast and ground coffee that is freshly roasted to produce an exceptional coffee experience every time.


Machine Queries

What are your capsules compatible with?
The House of Robert Timms® capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* and Nespresso®* compatible machines.

Do your capsules work with Nespresso®* compatible machines or only Nespresso®* machines?
Our capsules have been designed so that they work perfectly with a Nespresso®* machine.  If you are experiencing any difficulty placing your coffee in a Nespresso®* compatible machines please contact our friendly customer service team or refer to our tips below

Why and how do I program my machine?
You should program your machine to ensure the correct ratio of water, passes through the correct amount of ground coffee, in the correct amount of time.  Every machine is programmed differently and this is usually a quick and easy process.  Please refer to your machine manual to program your machine correctly.

When should I descale my machine?
You should descale your machine roughly every 100 capsules.  A good indication of when you need to clean your machine is when the water flow looks restricted, the water is not pouring clear when you flush it and/or it takes longer to extract a capsule.  Please refer to your machine manual to descale your machine correctly.


Capsule Queries

My capsule is getting damaged when I place it through the machine. Why?
If your capsule is getting damaged please check that the previous capsule has been ejected properly and ensure that used capsules in the tray are not blocking proper placement of new capsules.  If you tray is full please empty the tray.

My capsule jammed in the machine why did this happen?
This commonly happens with the Nespresso®* U machines as they have an automatic mechanism for capsules to be pushed in causing capsules to get caught in the shaft.  To remove the jammed capsule slightly move it with your finger or with a spoon and drop another capsule through the machine again and it should work fine.

My capsule is dropping through the machine.  Why?
Please make sure your capsule is not forced through the machine, it should simply be placed in.  Otherwise a competitor capsule might have been too rigid for your machine, with a thick rim that might have damaged your machine causing our capsules to slip through the gap.  If this is the case simply drop our capsule through the machine again.

My capsule is leaking water, why is this occurring?
Our capsules have been designed so that water is automatically flushed through the machine before the coffee is extracted.  After this process occurs the correct ratio of coffee to water is extracted to produce a full-bodied coffee with an exceptional crema.


The Perfect Extraction

What is a perfect extraction?
A perfect extraction is when the correct amount of water, passes through the correct amount of ground coffee, in the correct amount of time, at the correct temperature, with the correct amount of pressure from the machine.  If you see 25-30ml of extracted coffee you will know you are extracting the correct amount.

My coffee tastes weak. Why?
Roast and ground coffee may taste weak if too much water is being extracted through the capsules.  If you are extracting more than a 30ml espresso shot please reprogram your machine so that your coffee is extracted perfectly.  If you reprogram your machine but still feel the coffee is too weak try one of our stronger blends or doubling your serve of coffee. 

My coffee tastes bitter. Why?
Fresh roast and ground coffee may have a bitter aftertaste if the water being extracted into the capsule is not clean.  To ensure this doesn’t happen, flush water through the machine to check the clarity of it.  If the water looks dirty please clean your machine by referring to your machine manual for cleaning or descaling options.

My coffee is pouring too short. Why?
If you are receiving less than a 15ml shot of coffee it is pouring too short and you are not receiving the optimum coffee flavour in your cup.  If this is occurring check to see whether there is enough water in your tank, ensure you are receiving the correct amount of water with every pour and confirm that the capsule is placed in the machine correctly as incorrect placement can cause the capsule to be pierced incorrectly.  If the above does not solve the problem please descale your machine in accordance with your machine manual. 

How do I get a stronger coffee with your capsules?
Some people try to make a pour last longer as they think this will give them a stronger coffee.  But in fact this changes the ratio of water to coffee which reduces body, flavour, crema and can produce an unpleasant sour taste.  To release the wonderful flavour in our coffee and make your coffee stronger simply double your capsule serve.



Shipping Queries

How much does it cost to ship my order?
All deliveries are dependent on the size, weight, delivery location and number of items.  Please contact our customer service team who can assist you with the cost of your delivery.

How long does it take to ship my order?
NSW Metro - 1-2 business days after order is dispatched
NSW Country - up to 5 business days after order is dispatched

If you require express postage or are an international customer, please contact customer service team who will provide competitive postage rates.

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