Introducing New Coffee Capsules  

As one of Australia’s first coffee companies, there is no doubt that our passion for exceptional coffee is ingrained in our heritage for over 60 years.

Our long standing history has seen us grow from being pioneers to innovators however, one thing that hasn’t changed through the years is our love for coffee.

We’re excited to introduce the new exceptional capsule range to The House of Robert Timms®. 

Every capsule is made with 100% roast and ground coffee that is freshly roasted to produce an exceptional coffee experience every time.


Three Blends To Choose 

Gold Colombia: This blend is rich and aromatic with deep chocolate notes and nutty flavours, is the perfect choice for lovers extra dark roasted coffee. Shop for Gold Colombia today.

Italian Espresso: This blend will have you daydreaming of sitting in a café in Italy with its dark roasted rich continental style, aroma and flavour. Discover Italian Espresso for yourself.

Royal Special: It will be hard to stop after one cup of this delicate light roast with an all-round smooth flavour. Try Royal Special now

The House of Robert Timms® capsules are available at Coles and our online store.  Each carton purchased online contains 6 boxes of The House of Robert Timms® capsule coffee with 10 capsules per box. For more information and FAQs click here


Nespresso® Compatible

The House of Robert Timms® capsules have been designed so that they work perfectly with a Nespresso®* and Nespresso®* compatible machines.  If you are experiencing any difficulty placing your coffee in a Nespresso®* compatible machines please contact our friendly customer service team or refer to our tips below.

1) Program your machine to ensure the correct ratio of water, passes through the correct amount of ground coffee, in the correct amount of time.  Every machine is programmed differently and this is usually a quick and easy process.  Please refer to your machine manual to program your machine correctly.

2) Descale your machine roughly every 100 capsules.  A good indication of when you need to clean your machine is when the water flow looks restricted, the water is not pouring clear when you flush it and/or it takes longer to extract a capsule.  Please refer to your machine manual to descale your machine correctly or click here for more help.



The Perfect Extraction

A perfect extraction is when the correct amount of water, passes through the correct amount of ground coffee, in the correct amount of time, at the correct temperature, with the correct amount of pressure from the machine. If you see 25-30ml of extracted coffee you will know you are extracting the correct amount.

If your coffee tastes weak, it may be due to too much water being extracted through the capsules.  If you are extracting more than a 30ml espresso shot please reprogram your machine so that your coffee is extracted perfectly.  If you reprogram your machine but still feel the coffee is too weak try one of our stronger blends or doubling your serve of coffee. 

If your coffee has a bitter aftertaste, it may be because the water being extracted into the capsule is not clean.  To ensure this doesn’t happen, flush water through the machine to check the clarity of it.  If the water looks dirty please clean your machine by referring to your machine manual for cleaning or descaling options.

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