How to Brew the Perfect Espresso – Part 3

Whether you like your coffee black or milky, strong or sweet, here is a step by step guide to preparing just some of the many espresso varieties out there. Enjoy experimenting!

Espresso also is known as a “Short Black”

Espresso is a pure serve of espresso coffee with just 25-30ml of extracted coffee (see Extraction) typically served in a demitasse cup.

For an interesting twist on the standard espresso, we suggest adding a piece of rich and dark chocolate in your cup before extracting your espresso.

Ristretto (Restricted)

  1. The extraction for this beverage should pour slightly slower than your espresso.
  2. The pour should be slightly restricted by either adding more coffee making your grind finer or a combination of both.
  3. For those experienced baristas using sweeping tools, you can use the sweeping tool to cut the ground coffee producing a tighter pack.
  4. Consider a Ristretto to be 2 / 3 of an espresso.
  5. 20ml poured in approximately 20 seconds.

For an interesting twist on the standard Ristretto, we suggest adding a few ml of butterscotch liqueur or syrup to your ristretto be careful not to overpower the flavour of the Ristretto.

Doppio Espresso

Doppio, meaning “Double” in Italian.

  1. Pre-heat a demitasse cup by filling with hot water and then empty.
  2. Fill the double group handle with 18g of ground coffee.
  3. Extract 50 – 60ml of espresso into a demitasse cup.
  4. Ceramic demitasse cup/glass between (60 and 70 ml) pour in approx. 25-30 seconds.

Long Black

  1. Fill cup with 2/3 hot water
  2. Fill double group handle with 18g of coffee (double shot espresso)
  3. Extract 50ml – 60ml immediately.
  4. Pour espresso in hot water and serve.

For an interesting twist on the standard Long Black, we suggest adding 7.5ml of Irish cream liqueur or essence and 7.5ml of hazelnut liqueur or essence to the cup.

TIP: Serve in a cup with a small diameter for better presentation, as a guide no wider than 8 cm at the top.

Machiatto (Marked or Stained)

  1. Extract an espresso (details above) into a short glass.
  2. Steam milk.
  3. Add a dash of steamed milk into the espresso.
  4. The signature of the Macchiato is the white dot (How to steam milk) on the surface of the crema.
  5. If you were to measure the amount of steamed milk added it would be approximately 20ml

For an interesting twist on the standard Macchiato, we suggest adding 5 ml of homemade caramel to your espresso.

TIP: For a long Macchiato prepare a double espresso through a double group handle and add a dash of steamed milk.

Espressos Made with Milk

Flat White

The objective of Flat White preparation is to present the final coffee with a light layer of fine-textured milk.

  1. Extract an espresso
  2. Steam milk and touch the surface with air for a split second with the steam wand and then heat by lowering the steam wand deeper into the milk jug to heat through.
  3. Serve the flat white with a light layer of fine-textured milk on top.

For an interesting twist on the standard Flat White we suggest adding 15ml of caramel liqueur of essence to your cup then add espresso.


  1. Extract an espresso.
  2. Steam milk and hold at frothing stage a little longer for the full cappuccino.
  3. Serve with a thick layer of fine-textured milk and sprinkle with chocolate.

For an interesting twist on the standard Cappuccino why not try adding 15 ml of almond liqueur or essence to your espresso.

TIP: When pouring multiple cappuccinos ensure the amount of froth is distributed evenly between cups.

Caffé Latte

  1. Extract an espresso.
  2. Steam milk. The finish should be a creamy consistency of milk and froth combined upon the pour resulting in 1cm of fine-textured milk on top.
  3. Serve in a glass.

For an interesting twist on the standard Cappuccino, we suggest adding 15 ml of hazelnut liqueur or essence to your espresso.

TIP: A guide to the amount of froth you need for your Cafe Latte is when frothing your milk, the amount of air to the surface of the milk that creates the hissing noise should only be present for 1/2 to 1 second then heat with no hissing noise.

Caffe Mocha

  1. Place 2 heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder in a glass.
  2. Extract an espresso. (See Extraction). Pour over the top of the chocolate.
  3. Blend chocolate and espresso together.
  4. Steam milk. (See How to Steam Milk) as you would for a cafe latte result being a 1cm thick layer of fine-textured milk, and then sprinkle with chocolate.

OPTION: Add your chocolate to the milk before steaming. It is important to know your milk levels and how much chocolate to use. When you steam the milk it will blend the chocolate through the milk. Once you have finished steaming the milk add it straight to the espresso.

Iced Coffee

  1. Pour a double shot of espresso (See Doppio).
  2. Pour into a chilled parfait glass.
  3. Top up with cold milk to within 5 cm of the top of the glass.
  4. Place 1 scoop of ice cream into the glass. Stir through.
  5. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate.

For an interesting twist on the standard iced coffee, we suggest adding chocolate ice cream, 15 – 30 ml hazelnut syrup and a dust of cinnamon.

TIP: If your coffee is from the espresso machine mix a little vanilla or sugar with your espresso this will help sweeten your iced coffee.


  1. Extract espresso.
  2. Add a generous scoop of ice cream to a small dish or glass.
  3. Serve an espresso in a small ceramic pouring jug with the ice cream.

For an interesting twist on the standard Affogato, we suggest adding macadamia gelato instead of regular ice cream, a mix of vanilla bean paste and 15ml hazelnut liqueur or essence. Garnish with coconut.