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Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations

If you’re a hotel, restaurant, hospital or café manager, you know customer satisfaction is key. The House of Robert Timms can tailor a solution for your business and help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

We’ve been supplying coffee to businesses for over 60 years and have crafted our business solutions with you in mind. Offering a complete solution for all your coffee and equipment needs with premium products, competitive pricing, easy ordering and excellent service designed to put your mind at rest so you can focus on running your business.

Our professional barista training courses are also tailored to suit your individual needs. All training focuses on the quality of the beverage served and how to get the most out of your coffee, machine and staff.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how our coffee can impress your customers.

“A quality cup of coffee sets the mood for the rest of the day”

“I believe that a quality cup of coffee is essential to setting the mood for the rest of the day. I can trust Robert Timms coffee to provide me with seriously good coffee. Not only is the taste of the coffee blend rich and full-bodied, the value compared to other brands is unbeatable!”

– Ladan Khalil, NSW

“The coffee bags are excellent!”

“We have been using the coffee bags (they are excellent) for many years. They come in handy when I’m required to stay overnight in a motel, because of my work, rather than using the terrible instant coffee provided. I normally won’t drink instant coffee but the full-bodied granulated instant coffee was a revelation, very enjoyable.”

– Ray Peters, VIC

“I’ll make the coffee!”

“After ‘good morning my love’, the first words spoken each morning between my girlfriend and I are, ‘I’ll make the coffee’. Robert Timms Italian Style Espresso….. Our pod machine simply lacks punch.”

– Sam Mathews, SA

“I love the coffee bags which are a treat!”

“Robert Timms has always been a favourite coffee of mine, as an instant girl I love the coffee bags which are a treat, unique to use and provide a full rich flavour I would normally experience from a percolated cup. I’m often on the go with 5 boys at home so enjoy the simplicity of this product without a machine!”

– Coral O’Malley, VIC

“I was very impressed with the taste and quality”

“As a new user to Robert Timms coffee bags, which I only started using a few months ago, I must say I was very impressed with the taste and quality. I now cannot start my day without at least one cup of Robert Timms coffee.”

– Allan Isaacs, VIC

“Robert Timms coffee bags are sometimes the only thing that get me through the day at work.”

“It’s nice to have a quiet moment to myself and enjoy a coffee in peace and quiet. I have been questioned at work as to why I bring my own bags, my answer is simply ‘until you get Robert Timms to replace that instant coffee, I will bring my own from home’.”

– Kylie Lorensini, SA

“Everyone I give this coffee to loves it.”

“I love Robert Timms coffee and I converted my son who had bought himself an $800 coffee machine (who needs that) and its now collecting dust. Everyone I give this coffee to loves it.”

– Edwige Baronas, WA

“The House of Robert Timms is an Aussie icon”

“We love the coffee and quality of the product. We think the level of service offered is great and nothing is ever too hard for them. Robert Timms has been the staple coffee offering for nearly all of Bar Coluzzi’s 48 years.”

– Louis Coluzzi from Bar Coluzzi, Circular Quay NSW

“Our guys kick off their day with Robert Timms”

“Our guys at Haultech start at 6am and they kick off their day with Robert Timms. Finding the right coffee for 30 guys isn’t easy, if it’s not right they come to me, that’s why we use Robert Timms. The general consensus is a big thumbs up from a bunch of very fussy coffee drinkers.”

– Cindy, Haultech Engineering, QLD

Cafés and Restaurants

The House of Robert Timms works with all types of cafés and restaurants, focusing on quality, customer service and a tailor-made solution that is right for your business, whatever its size. We are one of the largest commercial roasters in Sydney and with that comes the stability, reliability and quick delivery times that you need to get the job done.

From premium coffee and state of the art equipment, to training and more, let our coffee specialists design a personalised package to help your café or restaurant shine. You’ll stand out with our extensive range of branded merchandise and point of sale material. We have everything from branded umbrellas, barriers and menu boards, to aprons, shirts and crockery.

Discover how adding The House of Robert Timms to your menu can complement your offering, improve coffee quality and most importantly keep your customers happy.


In a competitive hotel market, the small things can make a very big difference. Using The House of Robert Timms convenient coffee and plunger bags can help you stand out in the crowd.

When you are living out of a suitcase familiarity is important, so supplying well-known and well-loved brands to your guests will improve their stay and encourage return business.

Our stylish in-room caddy is designed to showcase our range of portion controlled coffee. We have a variety of products and can tailor a solution for all levels of accommodation providers, from two to five stars.

Regardless of budgets, customer profile or preferences, learn more
about how you can help your guests wake up on the right side of the bed with our quality coffee solutions.


When you are confined to a hospital bed, a good cup of coffee can make the world of difference. Our products range from traditional espresso to single serve sachets and bedside service. We can help you find the perfect solution, from a brand you know and trust.

Our Café On The Spot Trolleys provide your patients with the convenience of a cappuccino without leaving their room. Brewed fresh at the bedside, Café On The Spot is the perfect mobile coffee solution and offers a hygienic, ease of use solution for your patients with better quality, freshly brewed coffee they can enjoy.

Impress hospital staff and visitors with a complete coffee offer on site. We have a wealth of experience in supplying large sites with a variety of needs, and we understand compliance issues, red tape, tight budgets, and health and hygiene. Let our business team show you how we can provide a cost-effective, convenient solution that won’t compromise on quality.

Office Needs

The House of Robert Timms offers a diverse range of hot beverage options that suit any work place. From fully automatic coffee machines and equipment, to coffee bags, single serve sachets, freeze dried coffee, whole beans and more. We can tailor a solution to suit any business or office environment. Contact us to discuss our range of products to suit your staff and customers.

Strategic Partnerships

The House of Robert Timms supplies to a select circle of distributors. If you are interested in discussing a strategic partnership, or to find one of our coffee partners in your area, please complete the application form and a member of our business solutions team will be in contact with you.

Be known for serving the best

Offer your customers the absolute premium in taste and freshness from an iconic Australian brand that symbolises a wealth of expertise and knowledge.