Our Process

Our Philosophy

Robert Timms Jnr, a true Australian coffee pioneer, chose to devote his life to roasting and blending the perfect coffee for all Australians. Throughout his life Robert Timms Jnr lived by three principles:

  • Sell a quality product
  • Provide first class service at a fair price
  • Give value for money

Robert Timms Jnr may have retired in 1969, but the principles that underpinned his success remain. Our coffee embodies quality and is true to Robert Timms Jnr’s famous promise: “I would personally sign every coffee bean if I could”. We do more than just roast and blend coffee. We live it, breathe it and are dedicated to it, personally tasting every roast before it is packaged for sale.

From Tree to Cup

Green beans from around the world are carefully selected for their unique flavour characteristics, and then combined to create premium blends. Many factors play a part in creating the unique personality of each bean – the soil, the way the beans are processed, the climate and varietal of bean to name a few.

Our blends typically contain beans from between two to five different origins from around the world. Our experienced team source the finest green beans and artfully combine them to create the desired blends of taste and quality.

At The House of Robert Timms, this involves tasting every batch by our experienced team at every stage of processing. Each batch of coffee is tested multiple times by cupping, a process used to verify quality and taste parameters. Our team get to know the unique personality of each coffee to uncover how to bring it out the best so that only the highest quality coffees get to our customers.

The Perfect Aroma and Flavour

There are between 200 and 1,000 different flavour and aroma chemicals in a coffee bean, that uniquely combine to make coffee such a desirable product.

As the beans are gently heated, coffee oil starts to release, and acids present in the bean reduce. The coffee beans start cracking open as moisture escapes, and by the end of roasting will have increased substantially in size, as well as being reduced in weight.

Our approach is to treat each blend differently, working to adapt the intensity of the roast and the combination of beans to find the sweet spot of optimal aroma and flavour. Roast levels are used to create different flavours.

Lighter roasts tend to create more top notes, or acidic flavours, and darker roasts tend to create more depth and sweetness in the flavour. When it comes to roasting, we treat the process like the art it is.

Roasted to Perfection

It takes quality beans, skilled people and a rigorous process to produce the consistently excellent coffee that you can expect from The House of Robert Timms.

The House of Robert Timms has been locally roasting coffee since 1951, so it’s fair to say that the locals have become accustomed to the delicious smell of fresh coffee that is carried on the breeze.

It takes a lot of skill to maintain consistency when roasting coffee. Our dedicated team of roasters use strict colour and temperature guidelines to roast to specific profiles.

Whether it’s a full-bodied, dark roast or a lighter, delicate roast, we are passionate about bringing out the best in each coffee so that you can taste it at its freshest, most aromatic and flavoursome.

Meet Our Passionate Team

Coffee Board of Kenya and Coffee Exporter are just two of the hats that The House of Robert Timms’ Coffee Technologist, Sam, has worn in the past. From green beans to perfect piccolo lattes, Sam knows his stuff!

A typical day for Sam involves tasting, tasting and more tasting! Responsible for testing all the green beans, judging the quality of the green beans, approving samples, checking deliveries against approved samples, testing the roasted beans as well as all the final products, Sam is on the front line in the war against bad coffee and he is winning!

“I’ve been working for The House of Robert Timms for a number of years now and nothing gets past me,” laughs Sam. “My nose knows and I can pick up any small change or if something is out of spec. Unless I am 100 % happy our products will never hit the shelves, so you can always expect excellence.”

Be known for serving the best

Offer your customers the absolute premium in taste and freshness from an iconic Australian brand that symbolises a wealth of expertise and knowledge.


Be known for serving the best

Offer your customers the absolute premium in taste and freshness from an iconic Australian brand that symbolises a wealth of expertise and knowledge.